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Technical writing: communicate logically and simply

Technical writing that gets straight to the point


TechWriting helps businesses communicate complex concepts and processes logically and simply. Whether you want to explain detailed engineering, critical healthcare or financial business processes, our technical writing can help you explain in a way that engages your audience and makes it easy for them to understand.


You can do it yourself or let us scope and manage your documentation project – we help you find the words that work. With over 20 years’ experience writing policies and procedures, learning and assessment materials and training others to write simply and effectively, let us surprise you with our magic.

Do-it-yourself technical writing

Write your own

Procedures and Work Instructions

Like to learn how to write your own procedures and work instructions? You can teach yourself, book an onsite course for your team, or get online coaching.

Read the Book

The book Clarity out of Complexity: How to write effective workplace procedures teaches you step-by-step how to write quality, useful instructions for any task.  Learn more. Buy the book.

Onsite Training Course

Techwriting offers a practical 2-day training course onsite with participants creating their first procedures for your business during the course. Learn more.

Tailored Writing Course

Would you like your team to be better at writing a particular type of communication? Discuss your needs with us and we can create a tailored writing course to suit your style and needs and present it either onsite or online.

Editing, Proofreading and Formatting

Do you already have written material but it’s not the standard you’re after? We can help you make the words sing. Let us edit, proofread or format your documents to make them professional, attractive and effective.

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Why choose Techwriting?

High quality original content: we use your words, no copying and pasting from other sources.

We focus on the purpose of the communication and the result that you’re after.

We engage your readers by writing to meet their needs.

Fast turnaround. We don’t procrastinate. We ask the questions to gather the information from you or your competent team, then we get on with the writing. You’ll have a draft to review surprisingly quickly. If we don’t have the capacity at the time, we’ll be honest with you before we start.

We organise information in a structured, logical way, so that it flows naturally to a conclusion.

the golden egg of technical writing

Let us create for you

Policies and Procedures

If your policies and procedures have become convoluted or out of date and no longer suit how you do business, we flush away the mud, polish the words and provide clarity . We write in plain English to meet the needs of the people within the business rather than the language of auditors. We can even write policies and procedures from scratch, creating documents that are useful and relevant.


Training Needs

Are you unsure what employees need to know to be able to do their job well? A Training Needs Analysis provides a summary of knowledge and skills needed to perform a particular role. It allows you to plan strategically and thoroughly for training and to meet regulatory requirements. Learn more


Procedures and Work Instructions

Don’t have time or resources to write procedures or work instructions in-house? We can come and blitz it! By watching tasks being performed and speaking to your best performers, our skilled procedure-writers will have your procedures written in minimal time.


Learning Guides and Assessment Materials

How do you know new employees have learned what they need to know? Techwriting creates customised assessment packs that provide solid evidence of learning – they’re not just a tick-and-flick. The added bonus is that the assessment materials clearly define what people need to learn, so they can be used as a learning guide as well, for both trainer and learner. Learn more


Induction Manuals

A good induction manual that gives new employees all the information they need to get off to a good start will do wonders for your workplace culture. We can create induction manuals that make your employees feel welcomed, understand what is expected of them, help them settle in and become productive quickly.


Change Communications

People are suspicious of change when they don’t know what to expect. Training provided is often inadequate because processes are new for everyone. We can help you create a change strategy, communications and training materials to make change painless and positive.


Website Content

If you want to improve or create a website but struggle to express what you do, we can help clarify your ideas and put the words together. We can communicate your passion and tell your potential customers how good you are.


Like to know more? Contact us on +61 412 302 055