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Procedures and Documentation to Streamline Your Business

I’m Rosemary, the owner of the Techwriting business. I originally worked as an industrial chemist for several years. But because I have a passion for writing and a knack for unscrambling detailed information and presenting it clearly and simply (as well as a love of science and technology), I’ve morphed into a Technical Writer/Business Analyst/Trainer.

Most of my work has been in the manufacturing sector (food, pharmaceutical, metals processing, timber) but I’ve also worked with mining, airlines and utilities (power and water). Because I love learning new things, going to different places and meeting a variety of people, I usually work as a casual employee or contractor for one company, while I consult to others.

I have condensed my knowledge and experience about writing effective procedures into a two-day workshop, which I have run for a manufacturer of timber products at various sites across Australia and New Zealand. I am now offering to run it for organisations in-house, and of course I’m happy to travel. Follow the link to learn more about it: Learn to Write Effective Procedures.

If you just want to teach yourself to write procedures or SOPs, you can read my book: Clarity out of Complexity: Writing Effective Workplace Procedures. You can buy the ebook or a printed copy from this website, or a printed copy from Amazon if you are in USA.

Other things I’m good at include setting up practical structured systems, minimising paperwork, providing clear instructions for following those systems, and training people. So if your documentation and processes are a mess and you want a structured system and you don’t know where to start, call me – I’d love to help. Because I’m a training specialist and have many contacts in the technical writing field, I can very quickly put a team together for larger projects.

However, if you just want a few documents made clearer, or forms redesigned to be user-friendly, I can usually fit smaller jobs into the gaps.

Outside of work, I like to keep healthy by swimming (not fast, but regularly). I enjoy sailing and have done 2 seasons sailing in North Queensland. I also like to travel. Because my work often takes me to different places, I make the most of it and program time for sightseeing wherever I go. My travel blogs will soon be available for download as ebooks.

Contact me now to discuss your needs. Call Rosemary on (+61) 0412 302 055 or email me: [email protected]

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