Learn to Write Effective Procedures – Training Course

You have procedures but they’re long-winded, out-of-date and nobody uses them?

Or your processes are not written down and everyone does their own thing?

Start on the path to order and consistency with a 2-day procedure writing training course at your site where your team learn how to create effective procedures.

Learn to write procedures like this
Learn to write procedures like this

What makes one procedure difficult to follow and another one a joy to use? The answer is not simple, even though the result is. It’s a combination of useful information, clear wording, carefully chosen photos and diagrams, and an easily-scanned layout. This practical 2-day course covers how to write effective procedures, including exercises and coaching, where participants practice rewriting current procedures and creating procedures from scratch.

What does the course cover?

Training and assessing against a procedure
Training and assessing against a procedure
  • What makes an effective procedure
  • What information to include and what to put elsewhere
  • Organizing information: sequence and grouping
  • Being accurate and specific
  • Using photos and diagrams to convey information effectively
  • Writing clearly
  • Information-gathering
  • Controlling risk
  • Consultation and reviewing
  • Document management

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