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Change Management Minus the Jargon

With all the jargon around about Change Management, it can be hard to find straight-shooting practical advice. Putting it simply, there are three key elements for success: planning, consultation, and communication.

Ensure everything you do is worthwhile

What does your business do and how do you do it? How do people use their time, and is their time used effectively? Are tasks performed in the best possible way? Until you know the answers to these questions,

The Ideal Shift Manager

Shift Managers often have the most difficult management job, yet they typically have had the least amount of management training. Often they are people who have come from the factory floor, outstanding Operators who have been noticed and promoted.

Procedures for compliance

Often the real reason companies write procedures is for compliance, to meet certain statutory or regulatory requirements. To put it plainly, they have to have procedures “to cover their arse.” While it may not be the purest of motives, we are human nonetheless.