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View free samples of procedures written using the free template and following the methodology described in Clarity out of Complexity. These are samples only  - they do not show the best way or the only way to perform the task, only the best way known by competent people at the time the sample was created. Click on the picture to open the pdf.

The first sample shows how to raise an anchor. It's how we do it on our Hanse 385 yacht.

Sample: Raise Anchor

This sample shows pre-checks for a basic gas forklift. These checks should be performed by the operator at least once per day.

Perform Prechecks on Gas Forklift Sample

I created this sample for my own use when my father was having dialysis. It allowed me to learn and follow the procedure and also train carers to look after him.

Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Sample

This sample was created for a food manufacturer. It was a critical task in ensuring food safety.

Clean Muffin Depositor & Pump Sample

This one shows how to set up a camper trailer. It is longer and more detailed so that it can be followed when there is no one around to show you how.

Set Up Cameron Camper Trailer Sample

Like us to create a sample for your workplace? Contact Rosemary on +61 412 302055 or email [email protected]