Teach Yourself to Write Effective Procedures

You’ve written procedures before but they’re not achieving results?

Find out how to write procedures that are:

  • short
  • visual
  • to-the-point
  • just what people need to be able to perform a task

Buy the book and learn step-by-step how to write top quality, useful instructions for any task.

What do the procedures look like?

Check out this sample

What does the book tell you?

Clarity out of Complexity tells you how to write short, practical work instructions that people find easy-to-follow. It guides you through:

  • providing useful information
  • writing in straightforward language
  • presenting information in a structured layout that is easy to read
  • working out what procedures you need
  • customizing the template

What do you get?

You can purchase either an ebook or a paperback.

You get a free download of a starting template with a standardized layout and tips on what information to include.

How will it help you?

With procedures like these you can streamline your business processes, consistently train your people, and provide top quality product and services. Oh, and it will also help you comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

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