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Use our Expertise

From induction packages to entire training systems, if you’re serious about having well-trained, motivated employees, we can help:

  • Scope the business needs
  • Develop a training strategy for the business
  • Create packages for training small groups or 1-on-1
  • Write procedures
  • Create assessment materials
  • Set up a training system
  • Communicate your training strategy
  • Run training sessions

If you don’t have the capability to create procedures and training materials in-house, we can do it all for you.

Let us show you how

Scope the business needs

See our page Identify Training Needs

Develop a plan

Need help to develop a training strategy to suit your business? Once business needs have been identified we can help you put together a realistic plan for meeting those needs. We know what it takes to set up a training system and can help you plan for:

  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Creating SOPs
  • Creating training and assessment materials
  • Training trainers and assessors
  • Allocating time for training and assessment
  • Tracking training costs
  • Keeping training records

Create Packages for Training Small Groups or 1-on-1

Make it easy for everyone and train consistently using training packages and plans for each role. We can teach you how to create training and assessment materials or we can create them for you.

Write Procedures

Don’t have time or resources to write procedures in-house? We can come and blitz it! By watching tasks being performed and speaking to your best performers, our skilled procedure-writers will have your procedures written in minimal time.

Create assessment materials

You’ve trained people, but how do you know they’ve learned what they need to know? We can create assessment packs that provide solid evidence of learning, that are not merely a tick-and-flick.

Many businesses make the mistake of assessing learning using multiple choice questions because they’re easy to mark. But do they really indicate a person can obtain or recall information when they need it, or do they just show that the person can recognize the right answer when it’s put in front of them?

We can help you create assessment strategies and materials that really test skills and knowledge.

Set up a training system

So many businesses provide only ad hoc training. They train when people start making mistakes, or they train a few people but not everyone.

If you want to provide your customers with consistent quality products and services, you need to understand what your employees need to know to do the job well and you need to train them consistently. What could be more motivating to employees than knowing that the company values them enough to invest in their development?

We can help you put together an entire training system so that it becomes part of the way you do business.

Communicate your training strategy

You’ve set up a training system, now what? If you don’t communicate it to your teams, they won’t know about it and they won’t follow it.

We can set up communications and leadership training sessions and roll them out across your business. Then managers can be made accountable for ensuring their teams are trained according to the system.

Run training sessions

You’ve asked us to create face-to-face training but you don’t have competent trainers to run the sessions? Our instructional designers are competent trainers. Talk to us about providing trainers for periodic training for the materials we’ve created.

Contact us on (+61) 0412 302 055 or email your questions to [email protected]